On Fallon, Villanova Piccolo Girl Plays with The Roots

Roxanne Chalifoux became an instant meme when she played the piccolo while crying after a Villanova tournament loss. Naturally, she ended up on Fallon.

Things are looking up for the Villanova piccolo girl, aka band member Roxanne Chalifoux. After the Wilcats were upset by N.C. State in the second round of the NCAA tournament, TV cameras showed Chalifoux crying while playing the piccolo. Everyone had a good laugh, and made a bunch of memes, because that’s what college sports are all about: Watching students cry after their dreams are crushed!

Fortunately, Chalifoux took it pretty well. And last night, she was able to sit in with The Roots and chat with Jimmy Fallon, as shown in the video above. She also got a gift basket!

Meanwhile, the Philadelphia Orchestra is offering her (and all Villanova students) discounted tickets. Shouldn’t she get free tickets since she’s being used in an advertisement for the orchestra?