Curtis 20/21 Ensemble Breaking Classical Musical Stereotypes at SEI Innovation Studio

Curtis 20:21

Imagine listening to classical music in a club-like setting while you interact via your cell phone on a giant LED screen. Well, that’s happening tonight at the Kimmel Center.

The Curtis 20/21 Ensemble, which has played Kennedy Center and Carnegie Hall, created quite a buzz this past December when they presented a collaborate performance of Terry Riley’s In C at the Kimmel Center. Now, the ensemble will return this evening, March 5, for another night of genre-breaking music.

Curtis musicians will be teaming up with local poet Jacob Winterstein, co-founder of The Pigeon Presents: The Philadelphia Poetry Slam, to present a one-night performance of Stravinksy’s A Soldier’s Tale at the Kimmel’s SEI Innovation Studio. The space will be transformed into an intimate, club-style lounge, much different than the formal “stuffy” concert halls where great musical works are often performed.

However, these blurred lines are intentional: the entire point of the collaboration is to “break down barriers,” according to the Kimmel Center folks. There will even be a giant media screen where listeners can interact throughout the performance. In other words, this ain’t your mama’s orchestra concert.

Admission, which is only $10, includes a complimentary drink. For more information on the evening, or to purchase tickets, click here. We’ll keep an eye out for a cancelation.