There’s a New Monica Lewinsky Web Series, and It’s Terrible

Monica Header

You’ll be wishing that you were donning that famous blue dress instead of watching this.

An extremely no low-budget web mini-series, aptly titled Monica, has hit Vimeo, and it’s absolutely dreadful. Based on the torrid love affair between everyone’s favorite beret-wearing intern, Monica Lewinsky, and former President Bill Clinton, the six-part film is written and directed by Doron Max Hagay and stars Lily Marotta as the Gap-wearing protagonist.

The producers describe the mess as follows:

“In the heyday of Sex and the City – when Palm Pilots were all the rage, and boutique cupcakes were few and far between – Monica moves into a West Village apartment, learns yoga, tours Central Park, designs handbags, attends comedy shows, and together with a powerful publicist, sets out to create an uncensored documentary about her experience as one of the most misunderstood women in the world.”

That makes you just want to jump right in and watch it, right? The writing is particularly stifling and forced: You can’t help but gagging (no pun intended) while viewing the opening scene in part one when a yoga teacher tells Monica that she’s “walking in with quite a lot of baggage.”

But it gets better. Watch the first scene between Monica and a Central Park carriage walker in part two, who tells Monica, “I used to know a girl like you. She was a whore and she ruined the lives of everyone around her and nobody wanted her.” (Can I insert a “Kill Me Now” .gif here?)

The acting is so poor that I’d rather be secretly recorded during a phone conversation and have my deepest personal demons exposed to the world than go through watching the future four episodes. Monica looks and sounds like Molly Shannon’s caricature from Saturday Night Live, which surely does not lend to taking the work any bit seriously. I do bet it would make for fabulous viewing while drunk, but be careful you don’t splatter any drink on your dark-blue clothing.

If you can’t stomach watching the film, but want a good laugh, I’ll let the promo art speak for itself:

Monica art