Orbiter 3 Playwrights Collective Offering Burlesque-Themed Indiegogo Fundraiser

Several weeks ago, we profiled the exciting new Philadelphia-based playwrights collective Orbiter 3. The group, which produces new works to highlight Philly’s rising artistic talent, has essentially sold out of memberships before productions even started, an amazing feat when you think about it. Nevertheless, those who are fans of original theater (or stripping) can still get a piece of the action when the group drops their pants during a burlesque show in April.

The collective has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for Orbiter 3, and the top perk is a VIP table at an April 13th invite-only burlesque show. But this isn’t just fun and games for the group of theater artists, as is explained in their Indiegogo mission:

“We believe the playwright’s vision is paramount. By taking on the economic risk of producing, we are empowering ourselves to search the far horizons of our imaginations and put our wildest dreamings onstage. We hope to create theatre experiences that are immersive, communal, and rare. Over the next three years, we will produce six plays…Your donation will make this inaugural year of new work happen. Help us build beautiful worlds, create paying jobs for local artists, and produce theater that is for everybody.”

For a sneak peek of some of the “hot moves” the gang will perform in April, they’ve put together a little video that shows what burlesque audience members will see. To contribute to the Indiegogo, click here.