WATCH: Best of Philly Street Performer Anthony Riley Gets Four Chair Turns on The Voice

You’ve no doubt heard his voice—whether he’s singing in Reading Terminal, outside Barnes and Noble on 18th and Walnut or on the Avenue of the Arts—and Anthony Riley never fails to stop you in your tracks. That’s exactly what the deeply soulful former Best of Philly Street Performer did this week on the second round of blind auditions on The Voice. Mere seconds after he broke into his rendition of James Brown’s “I Got You (Feeling Good),” all four judges punched their buttons and swung around in their chairs to see him do his thing in person—much like we all do when we hear him singing on the streets of Philly.

Blake Shelton told him that he hasn’t been this entertained all season. Christina Aguilera praised not only his voice, but his stage presence. “I know we can do magical things together,” she told him. Pharrell Williams called him “electric,” and Adam Levine literally stood up in the attempt to get him on his team. In the end, though Riley chose to work with Pharrell.

Watch it all happen in the clip above.