Philadelphia Zoo Expands Zoo360 Trail to Include Gorilla Treeway

Via Shutterstock.

The Philadelphia Zoo‘s Zoo360 Program is nothing new: The initiative is a one-of-a-kind series of animal trails allowing various species to roam freely throughout the Zoo’s campus to explore a variety of environments and travel longer distances. Last year saw the opening of Big Cat Crossing, but this year the gorillas get their chance at a little extra elbow room. In the spring, the Zoo will revamp its Great Ape Trail to include a Gorilla Treeway, an enclosed network of walkways that allow the beasts the chance to explore the grounds—and animals and spectators—from high up in the trees. A rendering of the project:

“Zoo visitors will see gorillas in a new way, as the animals are free to move beyond their traditional exhibit space and around the Zoo’s campus,” claims press materials for the expanded project, which has a projected May 2015 opening.

Currently, guests can enjoy the Zoo360 program via a Treetop Trail (for monkeys), a Big Cat Crossing, and the Great Ape Trail. For more information on the Zoo, check out their website.