WATCH: Trailer For Season 2 of Broad City

Comedy Central has released the video for Season 2 of Philly comedian Abbi Jacobson and her partner lana Glazer’s Broad City. If the preview’s any indication, the second season will be just as great as the first. It find the ladies in all kinds of awkward day-to-day situations with dry cleaners, assholes on the street, and an aerobics class led by Jacobson. Keep in mind this is the uncensored version of the trailer, so turn down the volume or put on some headphones if you don’t want folks around you to hear “fucks” and “suck my dicks” coming out of your computer.

Season 2 debuts January 14th at 10:30 p.m. on Comedy Central. Check out our conversation with Abbi Jacobson, where she talks about wrapping up the second season, here.