DO THIS?: Philadelphia Has an Alternative Taxidermy Competition

56818_165594550143012_5531263_oThe word “taxidermy” may bring many things to mind: mounted moose heads in log cabins, Psycho, a prized catch-of-the day, bad Steve Carell movies. Not everyone would immediately think of taxidermy as an art form, but they’ve probably never been to the Philadelphia Alternative Taxidermy Competition.

The second-annual competition, which takes place at 7 p.m. Saturday, November 15th, at Keystone Mini Golf and Arcade, will show off created and collected alternative taxidermy. The pieces will be displayed around the course for a live audience and tickets are $12 in advance ($15 at the door). Pathology assistant Nicole Angemi, fine artist Paul Romano, and Mike Zohn, proprietor of New York’s Obscura Antiques will judge the selections.

Philadelphian couture taxidermist Beth Beverly (above)—known for her distinctive bridal headpieces and the now-infamous baby lamb purse she wore to the DesignPhiladelphia opening party—will emcee the event. Her company Diamond Tooth Taxidermy and event management company Rabbit Rabbit Crew will host vendors and sponsors like Hendrick’s Gin, Little Baby’s Ice Cream, and Guerrilla BBQ Food Truck for the evening. The competition may sound a little left-of-center, but it’s sure to make for an interesting night—and plenty of good stories.