WATCH: Is This Taney Dragons Pitcher the Next Justin Bieber?

Philly Redditors came across this YouTube video of Taney Dragons pitcher Erik Lipson singing Bruno Mars’ “Grenade.” The kid can belt out a tune, but some commenters took offense to the video, claiming he’s the victim of greedy stage parents:

About a couple weeks ago on this sub, there was a girl asking for help making a highlight video of one of the little leaguer’s for his father to give to talent agencies (it was clearly about Erik, because she pointed out his personality over his playing performance).

Now his parents are pushing this.

Pretty fucked up to watch parents try to force their children into stardom at this age. Those kids already had too much spotlight and pressure put on them during the LLWS. Just let him be a kid.

I haven’t seen any evidence of his parents forcing him to do the video. Maybe he just wants to be the next Justin Bieber, or, as the title of the video reads, “Justin Berber.” There have been several singing videos posted on his YouTube page over the last eight months, which you can find here.