WATCH: Woman Turns Her Fitler Square Home Into Amazing Toy and Art Museum

Chances are you’ve heard all about Betsy Alexander’s virtuoso kitty, Nora The Piano Cat, but this week it’s not her whiskered key-tickler that’s getting the spotlight treatment, it’s her home.

Philadelphia videographer Cory Popp just released a new short film that showcases Alexander’s Fitler Square abode that gives new meaning to the “one man’s trash” adage. She has collected what Popp estimates to be around 5,000 items that fill her home from top to bottom—everything from tin robots and wind-up toys to Legos, paintings and sculptures. It’s a veritable museum, but not one you can buy a ticket to get inside.

Thankfully Popp gives you the next best thing. Alexander invites him into her living room where she shows off her massive bounty—things she’s been collecting since she was 9 years old. In the video, titled “The Collector,” she explains that she’d “rather have a piece of art than go on vacation,” because, “owning a piece of art is like having a permanent vacation. When I look at my art work … I leave this plane of reality and I enter that art work.”

Check out the video above. It’s guaranteed the most magical two-and-a-half minutes you’ll spend today. See more of Cory Popp’s videos here.