New Shepard Fairey Fishtown Mural Tagged [UPDATED]

Philadelphia Redditors picked up on a few Instagrams that show the new Shepard Fairey mural in Fishtown tagged with white spray paint. For some reason Shepard—who did the mural in conjunction with Mural Arts—left scaffolding next to the mural, creating an easy opportunity for someone to climb up and tag it. In this instance, it looks like someone—or multiple people—went up to each level. Mural Arts’ Executive Director Jane Golden released a short statement, which was shared on Twitter:

This comes a few weeks after Steve Powers’s Kurt Vile mural in Fishtown was buffed by an angry neighbor. That guy used interior house paint, which came off easily with a power wash. Not sure if it’ll be as easy to restore Fairey’s job.

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UPDATE [8/20/2014, 2 p.m.]: Mural Arts employs “master color-matcher” to restore the mural. Details here.