Teresa Giudice Writing Book About Legal Woes

While she and husband Joe wait for sentencing in a federal bank and bankruptcy fraud cause, Teresa Giudice has found time to start scribbling a tell-all book about the experience. More from Radar Online:

 Teresa is working furiously on a book about what’s going on now with her … She’s been approached and offered big money for her tell-all. There are a lot of publishers who want to get her locked down and make sure they have the book in-house.

“Teresa’s covering all of the tough times that she’s going through. Everything, including how she’s prepping the family for jail time for Joe and maybe even her, which she is praying doesn’t happen. … And she’s going to admit everything that really happened, as well as her fears about jail.

Teresa usually is promoting a book every season, but this season she is staying quiet to write and to make sure she has the sentencing details and aftermath in there.

The next season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey begins July 13th, a date that was pushed back in order to capture the Giudice’s legal ordeals.