Ryan Howard and Wife Write a Children’s Book Series

Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard and his wife Krystle have struck a deal with Scholastic publishing company to ink a collection of children’s books. The baseball-themed chapter series, called “Little Rhino,” is geared toward kids aged 7 to 10, a demographic Mrs. Howard is familiar with from her days as an elementary school teacher. The pair released a statement today via press release:


Photo by HughE Dillon.

“Partnering with Scholastic on our Little Rhino book series has been a wonderful experience. We have a passion for education and understand the importance of engaging children to read. In this series, we’re bringing to life the excitement of baseball and pairing it with the challenges and life lessons our children face on a daily basis. We are truly excited for the readers to go with us, on this amazing journey, as they get to know and love Little Rhino.”

Look for the books to begin stomping out in the spring of 2015.