Chuck D to Present Double Feature at Philadelphia Independent Film Festival

Public Enemy frontman Chuck D is coming to town to present a double feature at the seventh annual Philadelphia Independent Film Festival in June. The first film is Welcome to the Terrordome, a documentary that chronicles Public Enemy’s legacy as, as Rolling Stone puts it, “one of the most politically controversial groups of its time.”

Next up is Swing Lowe Sweet Chariote, an urban drama based on a book by Stella Hall that concerns a smart young girl who gets mixed up with the wrong set of people. The film stars Chuck D, who also contributed a song to the soundtrack.

The Philadelphia Independent Film Festival takes place June 25-29. For the first year, it will extend its programming to Moscow, Russia, where select films from this year’s schedule will be shown during the Philly festival. To keep track of this year’s schedule, check back to PIFF’s website, here.