PHOTOS: Lego Festival Philly BrickFest Is Now Open

On Saturday, Philly BrickFest at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks (aka just off 422 next to Arnold’s Family Fun Center) opens to the public. I stopped by on Friday for a preview.

If you’re expecting to see assembled versions of Lego Death Star, the Lego Empire State Building, and the Lego Sydney Opera House, that’s not what this is about. (Although you can pick up the unassembled Lego Death Star for $400 here.)

Philly BrickFest features original creations that don’t come from kits, like this display, which magically transforms from a ghoulish Lord Voldemort into Harry Potter as you walk around the table:

And then there is a fascinating collection of dozens of historic sea vessels, created by Commodore Wilbert McKinley, Jr., a retired ship designer and naval architect, who now maintains the world’s largest Lego ship collection, TeachFleet. Each ship is presented with a biography of the person for whom it is named.

If the kids get tired of learning about history, there’s always Lego derby racing:

Or you can debate those controversial wind turbines:

Philly BrickFest ends Sunday and is more than worth the drive. (For more information, go here.) But if you come home with the Death Star, don’t come looking to me for help assembling it.

Below, some more photos from Philly BrickFest.