Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby Raises Funds with Indiegogo

kensington kinetic sculpture derby

The Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby (KKSD) is something of a Philly phenomenon. A rare time of year when parade floats meet works of art meet WTF?!. Hand-powered vehicles decked out in moving sculptures and sculptural scenes (spaceships! zombies! working bars!) traverse Kensington, competing for a prize and providing a pretty unique show for onlookers.

To keep the oddities and ingenuity alive this year, KKSD is seeking donations via crowd-funding website Indiegogo. Their pitch calls for keeping the Derby up and running and continuing the tradition of support for local businesses, local art, and local ingenuity. As it grows, so do the expenses, and organizers need folks who care about its authenticity to provide the funds to keep it “fun, accessible, and unique.”

Donations will go toward maintaining small costs that add up, like street barricades, bleachers, fencing, signs, insurance, and bleachers. Organizers invite prospective donors to give whatever they can — $10, $15, $25 — it adds up! And, Philadelphia Brewing Company is matching each donation, making every contribution an even bigger push toward keeping the zany tradition intact. Donor perks (at various levels) include T-shirts, pint glasses, Little Baby’s Ice Cream and Pizza Brain goodies, art prints, and a chance to join the Philadelphia Brewing Company assembly line to hilarious effect. The Derby takes place May 17th this year, and with your support, promises to be a wacky way to open up one Philly community.