Tina Fey Helps Jon Hamm Cope With the End of Mad Men

Oooh, Jon and Tina make a good couple, huh?

Oooh, Jon and Tina make a good couple, huh?

The first episode of the final season of Mad Men aired last night on AMC, a bittersweet moment for fans who are happy to welcome it back but leery about inching closer to a life sans Don and Peggy. For star Jon Hamm, though, the end has already come. How’s he coping with the loss? With a little help from hometown girl Tina Fey. Huffington Post reports:

“I’m turning very Zen,” Hamm told The Daily Beast, “You can’t wish it away. You can’t push it off indefinitely. You have to be like, ‘Like the beginning, everything has an end.’ You have to accept that.”

One reason the actor is coping so well with saying goodbye might be thanks to the wise advice of fellow TV vets Tina Fey and Bryan Cranston. Both Fey and Cranston created beloved characters on TV and had to say goodbye to their long-running shows last year — “30 Rock” and “Breaking Bad.” So what advice did they have for Hamm?

“They’re like, ‘It sucks. It’s hard,'” Hamm said, “And I was like, ‘I know, I know.’ And they’re like, ‘Yeah … no you don’t. But you’re going to find out.'”

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