How I Met Your Mother Shouts Out Mannequin in Finale

Barney reverses the genders of the 1980s Philadelphia film and 'comes to life' in the last episode of 'HIMYM.'


Last night was the series finale of How I Met Your Mother, a CBS sitcom that premiered in 2005 — way back when people still had jobs and houses and other good things. Fans of the show hated the finale. “How they conned us all,” popular TV writer (and Penn grad) Alan Sepinwall headlined his piece on the finale.

I hadn’t watched the show since about Season 4, but I quite enjoyed last night’s finale — probably because I had no attachment to the characters, and never really did. I won’t spoil the ending for you here, but I will let you in on the key moment of last night’s finale: Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) recreating the movie Mannequin to hit on a woman.

Mannequin is the greatest film ever made in this town, so it was nice to see the reference. After the jump, an animated GIF.