POLL: Springsteen More Popular in New Jersey Than Governor Christie

springsteen christieA new study shows that The Boss has higher approval ratings in the state of New Jersey than its highest elected official. In the poll, conducted by the state’s Fairleigh Dickinson University, 67 percent of voters have a favorable opinion of Bruce Springsteen, while only 46 percent can say the same for Governor Christie. Here’s a more specific breakdown:

The recent appearance by Springsteen on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (video below), in which he lampooned the governor for his role in the Bridgegate affair, clearly resonated better with Democrats than Republicans. Half of all Republicans have a favorable opinion of the music legend, compared with more than three quarters of Democrats (79%). Republicans hold the governor in higher esteem than Springsteen by a sizable margin (73% versus 59%, respectively).