INTERVIEW: Rising Pop Star Betty Who Talks Heartbreak, Gay Weddings, and Getting Ratchet For Her Philly Fans

Photo by Alexander Stein.

Photo by Alexander Stein.

Aussie pop diva on the rise Betty Who will surely shake up things when she takes the stage at Underground Arts Saturday (March 22) to perform songs from her much-buzzed-about upcoming EP Slow Dancing. I had the chance to chat with Ms. Who on the phone this week, when we gabbed about everything from looking like Pink and dealing with heartbreak to what it was like having her song used in that Home Depot gay marriage proposal video that went viral.

betty who smallTicket: I just have to start off by asking if people often mistake you for Pink. Actually, I see a little Robyn, too.
Betty Who: Every single day of my life, which is fine by me because I love them both. I love their fierce attitudes. I would say that Robyn has a bit more of an influence in my music than Pink, but I will certainly take those lovely compliments.

T: Besides those two fabulous gals, any other artists that influence your music? Any particular albums that rocked your world while you were growing up?
BW: So many. Michael Jackson’s Thriller album influenced me in a big way. I was also completely obsessed with every single song and lyric from ‘N Sync’s No Strings Attached. And of course Britney’s early albums played a big part in my younger years in my exposure to music.

T: Speaking of exposure, you certainly got thrust into the spotlight in a big way when your song, “Somebody Loves You,” was used in that popular Home Depot gay marriage proposal video. What was that experience like for you?
BW: Oh my gosh. So amazing. Those boys are so lovely. I got to attend and sing at their wedding. It was absolutely beautiful —  lots and lots of crying and dancing. And lots of Whitney Houston.

T: What inspired”Somebody Loves You?”
BW: Everything I do comes from real-life experience. I look to my friends for inspiration. What they have dealt with and what they have been through. It’s real. Breakups and heartbreaks, it all conspires in my music.

T: I read that you said, “We are all secretly wrecks. We’re all in love and we’re all heartbroken.” So, I’m guessing that someone as lovely as yourself has also felt the burn from love.
BW: Oh yes. I’ve been up. I’ve been down. In fact, my first EP, The Movement, is actually about two different men. One good, one bad. I go through all the same things that my friends do. We are all in this love game together.

T: Well, I do know that all your Philly fans are in love with you. Ready to paint the town Betty?
BW: Yes! Thank you, I can’t wait. I love Philly. I haven’t been there in quite sometime.

T: What can fans expect from your show?
BW:  Lots of energy. Excessive high kicks. I also think I’m going to get a little ratchet for my Philly fans. I heard that people like to get ratchet there. [Laughs]

Betty Who performs live Saturday, March 22nd at Underground Arts. Tickets — only $10 — and can be purchased here