Mural Arts Announces Four New Tours for 2014 Season

Philadelphians now have four new ways to take in the scenery, with Mural Arts‘ new tours launching April 1st. Mural Arts’ tours introduce visitors to Philadelphia’s “outdoor galleries,” with insight into the art and history of the city. Favorites, like the “Experiential Mural” and “Mural Arts Love Letter” tours will remain in place for the 2014 season. Added to the tile-gazing roster, however, are two new trolley tours, “Philadelphia’s Reimagined Landscapes” and “America’s First Highway,” and two new walking tours, “Mural Mile North” and “Mural Mile South.”

“Philadelphia’s Reimagined Landscape” tours will cart folks through Kensington, mapping out the neighborhood’s journey from rust belt industrial zone to arty enclave. On the “America’s First Highway” tour, trolleys take visitors along the oldest highway in America, Lincoln Highway (Rt. 30), for a glimpse of how infrastructure affects development and community creativity. The new walking tours  make up a full mile of Philly on foot, but visitors can opt to walk just the north or south legs. “Mural Mile South” looks at the heart of Center City and its art, while “Mural Mile North” looks at public works north of Market Street.

For more on new tour schedules go here.