Teresa and Joe Giudice: “Let Us Serve Jail Time Separately, For the Kids”

teresa joe giundice fraud

Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Teresa and Joe Giudice are up a you-know-what creek after pleading guilty Tuesday to federal fraud charges. Now, each facing several years worth of jail time between them, the couple is expected to ask the judge to let them serve their sentences separately so one of them can be home with the kids. TMZ reports:

Teresa and Joe’s attorney Miles Feinstein tells us, the couple will ask the judge to stagger their sentences — i.e. serve them consecutively rather than concurrently — for the sake of their four daughters (aged four, eight, nine, and thirteen). Their sentencing date is July 8. …

Feinstein is confident the judge will grant their request — he says the judge has granted similar requests before.