The World Has No Idea How to Translate American Hustle

American Hustle — up for Best Picture at this weekend’s Academy Awards ceremony and starring Philly’s Bradley Cooper — is giving linguists around the world a little trouble. There seems to be no translation for the world “hustle,” so they’re doing their darndest to come up with the best alternative. The outcomes are kind of funny.

  • In Israel, the film is known in Hebrew as American Dream.
  • France: American Bluff
  • Argentina: American Scandal
  • Portugal: American Sting
  • Quebec: American Scam
  • Spain: Great American Scam
  • Turkey: Trickster

Another quick sidenote while we’re on the topic of funny translations and Bradley Cooper: In Russia Silver Linings Playbook translates toMy Boyfriend is a Psycho. Ha!

Source: Yahoo News