Wilmington’s Aubrey Plaza Shows Some Skin on Cover of Latina Magazine

aubrey plaza latina

Wilmington, Del., Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza snagged the cover on this month’s edition of Latina magazine. She’s there to promote her new movie, Life After Beth, and she opens up about what it’s like being everyone’s favorite oddball. Here are some snippets:

On her famously awkward TV interviews: “I have a way of dealing with situations where I come off awkward, or people think I’m purposely trying to make things uncomfortable. But normally I’m talking really slowly or there’s a lot of silence because there’s just nothing going on. I’m just totally freaking out, but from the outside perspective it looks like I’m in control.”

On her new film Life After Beth: “I think some people will be surprised at how much drama there is—especially with me in it, because I think most people just expect me to be funny all the time.”

On having her peers in high school doubt her Latina identity: “I was winning the diversity awards and people were always calling bullshit on me. I won the Hispanic teenager of the year and I felt terrible. I always felt like I didn’t deserve to win because I was really half [Latino].”

More from the magazine here. And see some behind-the-scenes footage below