Delco Times Reporter Discovers Girls Three Years Too Late, Wants to Strangle Lena Dunham


It appears that Delco Times columnist Christine Flowers just discovered Girls. And she hates it. Haaaaaates it. You’ve got to read her scary, scathing review in this weekend’s paper. Here’s a peek:

The show was called “Girls” and to hipsters in the ’hood it represents excellence in broadcasting. Some television critics have praised this sitcom about 20-something women as refreshing, well-written and an authentic reflection of today’s youth. If that is the case, I am quite happy to be several decades removed from regular contact with that demographic as I think I might kill one of them after prolonged exposure.

She really wants to hurt Lena Dunham. Like really hurt her:

The person I would be most tempted to hurt is Lena Dunham, the creator, writer and putative star of the show. It is fashionable to say that Dunham is talented, just as it was once fashionable to purchase and pamper pet rocks. To me, Dunham is just a large fluffy skein of wool pulled over the eyes of anyone who thinks that acting involves more than opening your eyes really wide and saying things like “I have to live my truth.”

This I could almost accept, if Lena could just live her truth fully clothed. Unfortunately, young Miss Dunham is an exhibitionist who has the doughy dimensions of a “Before” picture and who embraces her Rubenesque beauty with gusto. Except that the Dutch master never painted a woman in a bikini with shoulder tattoos that resemble the residue around your bathtub after the seventh family member has used it.

She also says this:

I’d settle for strangling Lena Dunham.

Mean/scary! Read the rest of Flowers’ review here.