Survey Shows Philly Is Among Most Ignored Major Cities on TV


Buzzfeed did an “informal survey” where writers studied the scripts of 1,626 TV shows that aired on broadcast and cable television between 1970 and 2014, and found that 253 were set in New York and 270 in Los Angeles. Other cities that made at least commendable shows were Chicago (82), Washington, D.C. (50), and San Francisco (59).

So how did Philly do, you ask? Not very well.

This graph compares the number of shows taking place in each city (in blue) to the percentage of America’s population living there (in red.)

philly ignored on tv

Ick. Buzzfeed points out that Philly is one of the country’s largest cities (more than twice the size of San Francisco!), and that Nielson ranks us as the fourth largest TV-consumer market.

Read more of Buzzfeed’s findings here.