Johnny Goodtimes Says He’ll Jump Into the Delaware If He Sells Out Quizzo Bowl

This weekend, lots of trivia-obsessed folks will board the Spirit of Philadelphia for the 10th annual edition of Quizzo Bowl, presided over by Quizzo master Johnny Goodtimes. Here, he tells us what to expect.

I’ve never been to Quizzo Bowl. What is it, exactly?
Quizzo Bowl is basically a celebration of the nerd and Quizzo community of Philadelphia. It’s the one time of the year where we take it to the next level. It’s a spectacle.

How does the competition work?
Any teams can sign up, up to eight people on a team. Usually, I have 35 to 40 teams that show up. We’ve got some there who are very serious. I have teams flying in from Denver, Austin, Boston and Indiana. We also have regulars from my bar scene. It’s a fun mix of people. There are five rounds with ten questions each, and the theme this year will be a water-type theme.

What kind of people participate in something like this?
Well, we have a team of former Jeopardy champs who won last year but barely beat a team of bartenders from the Sidecar. The Jeopardy champs have won over a million bucks combined on Jeopardy.

How hard are these questions exactly? Give me an example.
What three words did someone have to say on You Can’t Say That On Television to get slimed with green slimed?

I have no idea.
You’re close. It’s “I don’t know.”

How do you combat cheating?
I have people planted in the crowd. I have players on the regular teams that keep an eye on people at other tables. This year will be especially tough, because if we catch them cheating, we’re going to throw them off of the boat.

Speaking of getting thrown off of the boat, I heard that you might be jumping in yourself. Is that true?
Yes, there’s a chance. I upped the price a little bit, because it’s the tenth one. It’s a better value than in past years. It’s $50, which includes a cab ride, two bands, a comedian, and food. It’s still a hefty price tag. I just want to let people know that if they’re willing to take the leap of faith, I’m willing to take the leap as well. If we sell out, I will jump into the Delaware River.

Good luck with that.
Yeah. Thanks. My wife is not going to pleased when she hears that.

Quizzo Bowl X on the Spirit of Philadelphia, February 22nd at 2:30 p.m. Tickets.