FringeArts Review: Gunnar Montana’s Basement

Prepare thyself for "the darkest corner" of the festival.

No one is safe in FringeArts performer Gunnar Montana’s Basement.

Not women, who are chained and bloodied. Not mannequins, whose heads are smashed. Not a plastic baby doll, whose limbs are torn from its plastic torso. Even Santa Claus finds himself a victim, having his intestines ripped out through a hole cut in his abdomen.

This FringeArts show — billed as “the darkest corner” of this year’s festival — isn’t for everyone.

On Friday night, the capacity crowd — composed almost exclusively of gay men — watched in horror, laughter, and, in some cases, obvious distaste as the cast of dancers performed the sinister and sometimes campy hourlong piece in a plastic tarp-covered room on the second floor of the Asian Arts Initiative in Chinatown.

There’s some nudity. There’s plenty of blood. And there are some pretty spectacular surprises that I won’t spoil here.

The bathtub sequence, performed by Jennifer Jones, is the best of the lot, although the frying pan dance (you’ll just have to see this craziness to understand what I’m referring to) is a big crowd-pleaser.

If you’re looking for a demented diversion at this year’s festival, Basement might fit the bill.

Through September 21st
Tickets: $15 to $20

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