The University of Pennsylvania No Longer Has a Drinking Problem

To answer a question posed by Sandy Hingston in May of last year: 43rd and Chestnut.

Since the state store at 41st and Market closed last Summer, U Penn students have been without a go-to location for convenient hooch purchases. With that store gone, the closest options have been 49th and Baltimore, 24th and South, or 20th and Market, which are, like, really far away.

Starting tomorrow, though, students can head down to 43rd and Chestnut, a little less than a mile from the heart of Penn’s campus, for all their ethanol needs.

The PLCB actually hoped to open the new store, housed inside an old Risqué Video, in November or December of last year, but to no avail. A number of troubles, including a lease agreement that was not signed until this past April, and snags in stocking the store itself.

So, Penn students, rejoice: Drinking is about to be easy again. [Daily Pennsylvanian]