The New York Times Wedding Section Hates Philadelphia

Behold Wedding Crunchers: A massive, juicy trove of information about the New York Times wedding section. Just plug in any keyword and 30 years worth of data about elite couples you love to hate will show up in graph form! Now you can finally quantify what you always suspected about the types of people who makes the cut. (You know, like people with absurd-sounding hyphenated names.) Below, some Philly graphs.

1. Proof that Philadelphia is quite unloved by the Times. In 2013, about 36 announcements contained the word “Philadelphia.” Boston got double. Washington got quadruple. And New York can go play with itself.

2. Penn dominates Drexel and Temple.

3. Nobody has ever used the word “Cheesesteak” in a Times wedding announcement.

h/t Slate