VIDEO: Riley Cooper Got Into Slapping Match with a Teammate Today

Practice? We talkin bout practice? Yes, that is precisely where wideout Riley Cooper and cornerback Cary Williams got into a tiff today. In case your employer deems videos of helmet-slapping football players set to intense techno music NSFW, here’s a recap:

Williams was covering the receiver during one-on-one drills. After the play, they stood toe-to-toe jawing at one another. It turned physical and some slaps were thrown at each others’ helmets. Brandon Boykin jumped in to help separate the two.

And then Vick jumped in to separate the two after Williams began stalking Cooper. As Tim McManus notes, we have no idea if the incident relates to Cooper’s infamous racist outburst (Williams is black). But we’ll post a video of Chesneygate anyways purely to relive the drunken Argh heard ’round the world.

[Birds 24/7]