Chris Christie Has a Great Future as a Blowhard Talk Radio Host

This morning, guest-hosting a show on New York’s popular WFAN sports radio station, Chris Christie lambasted a New York Daily News Jets beat reporter, apparently for repeatedly asking his buddy Rex Ryan who would start at quarterback for the beleaguered team. (You’ll recall that Rex and Chris are joined at the lap.)

Idiot. The guy’s a complete idiot. Self-consumed, underpaid, reporter … the only way he’s empowered is because we’re spending all this time talking about Manish Mehta this morning … Who, by the way, I couldn’t pick out of a lineup and no Jets fan gives a damn about Manish Mehta … We shouldn’t be giving this dope, you know, the amount of airtime we’ve given him already.

I’ve never heard underpaid used as an insult before. Makes absolutely no sense. Guy’s a talk radio natural! Mehta, out of deference/quaking fear, simply said he had “a great deal of respect for Governor Christie.”

[The Big Lead]