Philadelphia Flyers Set Record For Watching Paint Dry

We’re not sure it’s the most brilliant marketing department in the world that comes off a season out of the playoffs with a promotion that actually asks fans to watch paint dry—a task so dull that it is literally synonymous with extreme boredom—but hey: That’s your Philadelphia Flyers!

The promotion was to watch Wells Fargo crews paint the rink for the upcoming NHL seasons. Apparently it worked.

In total it looks like 195 people showed up to watch the historically boring drying of the paint. While it might not sound like a lot it should be the new record because as you might have guessed, no such record existed before. You painting the garage with two buddies didn’t count.

How can you lose in the offseason? Getting people to associate your product with stultifying boredom. The Broad Street Bullies have given way to the South Philly Sleep-Inducers.