Cronuts Now Selling for $10 on the Main Line

Update: See the latest news: Outraged at the mark-up, Swiss Haus is going to stop selling their Swiss “Cro-Cremes” to the Royal Cafe.

It was only a matter of time. Since late July, the Royal Cafe in Wayne has been selling Cronuts–or “cro-nuts,” as they’ve named them, presumably because Cronuts is now trademarked–for $9.43 a piece. This is insanity. The original spot in Soho sells them for $5. As does Swiss Haus Bakery on 19th* Street in Center City, where the Royal Cafe buys the pastries from. Why $10?

“I’m not stupid. I need to make a profit,” [Royal Cafe owner Torpekay Habashzada] said. “If someone wants to drive to Philly and pay $35 for parking and gas, they can do that.”

Or you could, you know, make them yourself. Habashzada claims her spot is one of only two in Pennsylvania to sell Cronuts. False. Not only does Paris Baguette bakery in Elkins Park sell them for $3.50, but they actually bake them in-house. They began serving them about two weeks ago, a store clerk told me, and are now producing about 20 per day. Welp, I know where I’ll be getting my suburban mutant donut-croissant pastries.

Correction: This post originally noted that Swiss Haus is located on 18th street.

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