Riley Cooper Getting “Outside Assistance” For His Racial Slur Problem

Apparently the Eagles are going to make Riley Cooper get therapy or something:

In the statement released Thursday afternoon, the Eagles said:

“In meeting with Riley yesterday, we decided together that his next step will be to seek outside assistance to help him fully understand the impact of his words and actions. He needs to reflect. As an organization, we will provide the resources he needs to do so.”

The statement did not elaborate on the nature of the assistance. However, the Eagles have worked with District Attorney Seth Williams in the past with community outreach in Philadelphia. Cooper and the Eagles have reached out to him now, asking what Riley could do make amends.

We really, really hope this doesn’t end up with Cooper going around to Philadelphia schools, telling kids not to use the N-word. They know that already.

NBC offers Williams’ reaction:

“This city loves the Eagles. All your radio shows, sports radio shows are talking about this today and nothing else,” said Williams. “I was appreciative that they reached out to me to suggest some charities and community based organizations and faith-based organizations that he might work with. That might be of great use and might make his ignorant behavior and repulsive behavior…maybe there could be a silver lining in his unfortunate words,” said Williams.