The Sixers Still Don’t Have a Coach. Has Anybody Noticed?

We’re occasionally surprised to discover that people root for/care about/are aware of the existence of the Philadelphia 76ers—the number of free tickets we’ve been offered seeming to exclude the possibility of a paying fan base—but somebody out there cares. Right?

If one cared, one might ask why the Sixers still don’t have a coach, more than two months after Doug Collins stepped down, and with roughly two months to go before Tanking Training Camp. It’s a question being asked by Kelly Dwyer at Ball Don’t Lie:

It’s also quite possible that the new’ish Sixers owners, after initially casting their lot with a batch of NBA retreads veterans (Ed Stefanski, Tony DiLeo Rod Thorn, Collins) are engaged and interested enough to let Hinkie take his time. The “this team isn’t making the playoffs, anyway”-awareness can be turned into a glass half full situation; Philadelphia can afford to take its time looking for the leader that is going to shape the first few years for these incoming draft picks. You can lose a young player if you don’t nail those first opening stanzas of his career, and the Sixers (as they willingly dive into the lottery) have to be aware of that.

That certainly makes me want to buy season tickets!