Travel + Leisure Ranks Philly the Nation’s 14th Snobbiest City

Forget the narrative of Philly as a blue-collar city, appreciative of little more than effort, cheap booze and chip-on-our-shoulder emotional displays. Turns out, at least according to Travel + Leisure, that we’re just a bunch of snobs—thanks, in large part, to our city’s … sports fans? Apparently, the cheese whiz, foam fingers, and face paint all add up to one thing: pure, unadulterated “haughtiness” (their word). Evidently all that sports ire translates nationally to a kind of sophistication not known to many other US cities, with T+L listing us 14th on their “America’s Snobbiest Cities” list—a tie with Kansas City. Pinkies up when you sip that Yeungling, we’re fancy now. []