Another Letter Seth Williams Doesn’t Want You to See

Somebody really doesn't like the D.A.

After I published excerpts from this anonymous anti-Seth Williams letter that was sent to employees of the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office, I found out about another anti-Seth Williams letter. This one was sent to members of the Public Defender’s office.

To me it seems obvious that the letters share an author with a strange sense of humor as well as a peculiar fondness for early-’80s Who songs, and this second letter makes allegations similar to those in the first.

The author promises: “We’ll be keeping an eye on those who contribute to Rufus, or hold fundraisers, especially with questions of rampant financial shenanigans with taxpayer and donor money.”

But the real prize from the second letter is the header on a list of D.A. office salaries that was attached. The author has taken Williams’s first name, Rufus, and turned it into a most creative acrostic:

“Remove Ultimate F-Up, Seth.”

Somebody really doesn’t like this guy.