When Snooki Met Christie

This is reality television. After a Today show appearance in Seaside Heights in which his wife pretended he wasn’t running for president, Chris Christie finally met his biggest enemy: Nicole Snooki Polizzi. The two have twitter-feuded because he thinks the show is dumb. He also single-handedly denied the show a half-million bucks. Because he thinks the show is dumb.

Here’s the Unofficial Transcript of the landmark exchange, captured on video by the Asbury Park Press:

Snooki: Why are you standing so close to me?

Christie: Someone asked me my opinion…

Christie leans in extra-close, trying to be goofy.

Snooki can’t suppress a smile.

Other woman I don’t recognize: I’m from Jersey!

Christie: I know you are!

Other woman: And guess what, I thought you did a good job with the Hurricane.

Christie: Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

Snooki: I just wanted to meet you, and just, hope you start to like us.

Christie: I appreciate it. Well, we’ll talk about it. Good to meet you.

Snooki: Thanks.

Snooki walks away. After Christie meets JWoww, Snooki faces the camera for a quick one-on-one.

Snooki: He just doesn’t like us.

End scene.