The Best Quotes from Today’s Story About the “Fresh Turkey of West Philly”

There’s a wild turkey roaming around West Philadelphia, and the Daily News is on it. Hereforth, the best quotes about brash young Barkevious, who escaped his home in Bartram’s Garden after getting into a fight with his brother.

  • “He’s just been wandering around in West Philly trying to find his place in the world ever since.”
  • “To tell you the truth, I wasn’t too surprised to see him as there is never a shortage of interesting creatures on my block.”
  • “He was kind of progressing down the street like Mick Jagger, bobbing his head.”
  • “He’ll survive very easily out there. There’s a lot of nuts in Philadelphia.”
  • “Hope he’s doing okay. Would love to have him over for dinner sometime.”

Meanwhile, another species of beast  running amok in Philadelphia is getting a much cooler reception.

For those of you who prefer consuming news about wild fowl in rap form, here is an excellent adaptation of the “Fresh Prince” theme song by the author of the piece, Stephanie Farr.

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