South Street Rejoice, Lorenzo’s Pizza Is Open Again

Nine months ago, Lorenzo & Sons pizzeria on South Street caught fire, closing its doors and depriving thousands of drunk revelers from their badly needed 3:00 a.m. grease and carbohydrates. Just in time for summer, your late-night ritual can resume again, as the famed joint has soft-opened today in advance of its grand opening on Friday.

A few local food snobs probably won’t be celebrating. A little more than a before Lorenzo’s caught fire, Eater Philly polled a handful of culinary poobahs to seek their opinion of the place. Former City Paper food critic Adam Erace called their slices a “floppy mess.” Foobooz’s own Art Etchells went with “undercooked grossness.” And an unnamed critic (Craig? Drew? That you?) had this to say: “It sucks, it’s greasy, and there’s a reason people wrap it around a cheesesteak as a stunt food. Because they’re hoping to find some taste in a triangular shaped rug with cheese on it.”

Welcome back Lorenzo’s!