Business Idea: Selling Nude Pics Featuring Penn’s Huntsman Hall

There’s your damned entrepreneurship! Via Under The Button comes the story of two Penn students who have taken their studies of capitalism at Wharton Business School very seriously: By posing for and selling nude pics taken around Huntsman Hall.

The NSFW website businessnude will sell you the photos as postcards for $5 apiece, or the full series of five photos for $15. (You seem to be able to view them for free online at the moment. Maybe they’re testing models for newspaper paywalls?) “We’re young, and human, and even with security guards on watch, we can still have some fun!” the women, purportedly Sarah Meyohas and Danielle Swanner, say on their website. (Swanner is apparently the model.) They’re not that daring, though: They waited for the last day of class to launch the site.

It’s Ivy League, though, so, you know, lots of hoity-toityness about the project: “As her nude body fills a space in the interior’s symmetry, as the postcards are exchanged in people’s hands, libidinal and market economies meet,” the two say. Oh. That would explain the high heels.