Here Are Some Farm Videos Pennsylvania Legislators Don’t Want You To See

Ever seen this video? PETA made it a few years back to document the conditions faced by animals being caged and harvested for their fur.

PETA and similar organizations make these kinds of videos all the time, all in an effort to encourage more Americans to take up a vegan, non-animal exploiting lifestyle. Sometimes they’re successful, though it should be noticed: Most Americans aren’t vegan.

Nonetheless, Pennsylvania legislators think they have a solution to all these ugly farming conditions: Outlaw the pictures.

NewsWorks reports:

Rep. Gary Haluska, R-Cambria, says the idea for the legislation came from farmers in his district who are concerned about people trying to record or photograph their farm operations in an unflattering light.

“Sometimes you can take some things out of context, if you have a sick animal or something or if you have to (kill) an animal, which is just a normal part of doing business in the farming community, and sometimes it gets trumped up,” he said.

Haluska says his bill is meant to protect family-owned farms, rather than large, corporate ones, but his legislation doesn’t distinguish between the two.

It’s not just Pennsylvania. Such legal efforts are underway around the country. The problem isn’t that farms contain ugly conditions, but that people see it.

Here’s one involving McDonald’s suppliers:

And here’s one from a Pennsylvania dairy farm:

Pretty? No. But corporate farms shouldn’t be able to get special government protection from public scrutiny.