PMA Young Friends Winter Gala

A bash to support the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The Young Friends of the Philadelphia Museum of Art hosted their annual Winter Gala at the museum on Saturday, with all proceeds going to the Young Friends’ mission of support for art acquisitions, education, conservation, and special projects within the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Below: Rachel Swartz, Shawn Robertson, Megan Fredericks and William Bond Read IV were excited to check out the newly opened exhibition “Great and Mighty Things”: Outsider Art from the Jill and Sheldon Bonovitz Collection; it runs until June 9th.

Below: Event Chair Alexander Hankin, who was looking dashing, with the equally stunning Taylor Test on his arm. Hankin did a wonderful job in preparation for the gala, hosting many happy hours throughout the year to raise funds and awareness resulting in a healthy attendance for the evening.

Below: Martine Forrester and Kevin Cadette.

Below: Sam Eade, Danielle Ingerman, Matt Grossman and Rachel Techner.

Below: Henri Adey, Marcello Luzi, Gregory Seitter and Brian Kelly.

Below: Fashion highlights of the night were Dana Lakner, wearing Prada, and Danielle Hankin, wearing Oscar de la Renta.

Below: David and Kathryn Schumacher, with Colleen and Anthony Bezich were heading to Continental Midtown for cocktails after the event.

Below: The Saks 5th Avenue crew, Stacy Murray, Edward Barnes, Luis Ortiz, Gina Calabretta and Nicole Carey, spent a good part of the night dancing to CTO Fusion, who combined the turntable skills of a DJ with a vocalist and violinist.

Below: Kim O’Connor and Christina Mattschei.

Below: Brittany Verga and Christopher Bonetti.

Below: Kharisma McIlwaine and Antoine Johnson. Antoine just hosted a party at the Tantra Luxe Lounge in Old City earlier in the week for the premiere party for The Power of Few, with an appearance by rapper Juvenile.