West Chester School Uses Yoga Balls Instead of Character-Building Chairs

AP reports on Robby Giuliano’s fifth-grade class at Westtown-Thornbury Elementary School in West Chester, where she’s replaced uncomfortable wooden and plastic chairs with … yoga balls: “The balls first began to surface in schools as aids for kids with attention problems or autism, said Michelle Rowe, executive director of the Kinney Center for Autism at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. The equipment has since gone mainstream. “It takes away the taboo of wiggling, which most kids do anyway,” said Rowe, who also is a professor of health services. “I don’t like sitting on a chair all day … so I started sitting on a yoga ball, and I find I’m more alert,” Giuliano said. “And my message is to try it with your class and see if it works for you.””

Of course, since everybody knows that yoga is un-Christian, it can only be assumed that this effort at ergonomics is a Satan-led attempt by the radical left to infiltrate our schools, again. Just kidding. We all suffered through uncomfortable, spine-numbing chairs in school while we were young; why should the next generation have it so easy?