UPDATED: Sue Paterno to Release Rebuttal of Freeh Report

Sue Paterno’s on the march. She’s already conducted an interview with Katie Couric in which she said her husband didn’t know the extent of Jerry Sandusky’s crimes (to air Monday at 3 p.m.). Today, she sent a letter to former Penn State football players, letting them know that a comprehensive rebuttal of Louis Freeh’s Sandusky report will be posted on paterno.com on Sunday. In the letter, she called the Freeh report a “disservice” to Sandusky’s victims and called her husband a “moral, disciplined” man. Paterno.com, by the way, looks like this right now:

Sunday talk shows, here she comes! [Philly.com]

UPDATE [2/8/13, 4 p.m.]: When I said “Sunday talk shows,” I was almost right. Turns out Sue delegated her Washington, D.C.-based lawyer Wick Sollers to gather some experts and pick apart Freeh’s report. The authors of that report will discuss it on ESPN at 9 a.m. Sunday during an Outside the Lines panel.

And here’s a link to the letter Sue drafted to the Penn State lettermen today.