John Kerry’s Twitter Handle is Laughing at You

To let us know when he’s tweeting for himself, and when a generic State Department staffer is doing it, newly appointed Secretary of State John Kerry will be signing his personal tweets “JK,” the very same acronym young folks may or may not still use to denote a comment made in jest.

In other words, everything the Dept. tweets will sound serious, and everything Kerry will tweet will sound sarcastic, aloof, and inappropriate. I took the liberty of adding a “JK” to some recent Kerry tweets to forecast the future.

international #humanrights day, reminder why we must get #crpddone/keep up fight for human rights -JK

God bless! that’s what its all about -JK MT @midwestsnmom: Tks 4 standing up 4 families like mine. Single mom of twin 4 y/o w/ cerebral palsy.

I’m just getting warm on this one, lot of work to do -JK MT @dbernstein @JohnKerry has been back in force over the disabilities treaty

protect EPA common sense rule so fewer kids exposed to mercury/more jobs. -JK #NoMercury4Kids

Terrific @lancearmstrong is riding PMC/helping fight cancer. His leadership is key. Who’s keeping up with who? PLEASE!! -JK