Tom Corbett’s Son-in-Law Target of a Sting Investigation

Tom Corbett’s son-in-law Gerald Gibson, a Philadelphia narcotics officer, is being investigated by the FBI and the Philadelphia police for repeatedly stealing clothes and money during drug busts. The investigation began last fall, when Commissioner Charles Ramsey was alerted about Gibson’s behavior. Yesterday, Ramsey OK’d a sting operation to try and corner him. The description of the sting, which the Daily News uncovered, is worth reading in full.

On Thursday, investigators set up a sting. In the early afternoon, Gibson was asked to drive a car that had been confiscated during a drug raid to narcotics headquarters in the East Division. Investigators had planted money in several spots inside the car, which also was equipped with surveillance. The cash was marked with a chemical that glows in the dark but cannot be seen by the naked eye in daylight. Gibson allegedly pocketed about $140, sources said. When investigators took Gibson in for questioning, they put him in a room and turned out the lights, a source said. “He lit up like a Christmas tree,” a source close to the case said.

The amount he stole, however, is not enough to be charged with a federal crime. When Corbett’s daughter Katherine Gibson was informed of the investigation into her husband, she said she knew nothing about it, and added that they were separated anyways. [Daily News]