Poll: Pennsylvanians Still Love Joe Paterno, But Not Tom Corbett

Maybe he should sue the NCAA on behalf of Penn State again, because whatever Gov. Tom Corbett is doing isn’t working: The new Quinnipiac University poll says 42 percent of Pennsylvanians disapprove of his job performance—and just 36 percent approve.

The Inky reports:

A strong negative rating from women and lackluster support among Republicans are driving the low approval rating. Women disapprove of Corbett’s performance 45 percent to 31 percent, while men narrowly give him a thumbs-up, 41 percent to 37 percent – a large gender gap.

By 51 percent to 31 percent, Pennsylvania voters say that Corbett, a Republican, does not deserve to be reelected. Only 49 percent of GOP voters would support him if the election ere held today.

The only thing less popular than Corbett? Those aforementioned Penn State sanctions from the NCAA. But Corbett himself is tarnished by that scandal, according to Quinnipiac:

Pennsylvania voters disapprove 50 – 26 percent of the way Corbett has handled the Penn State situation over the last few years Voters in households where someone attends or has graduated from Penn State disapprove 59 – 23 percent. There is no measurable gender gap on this question as no group approves of Corbett’s handling of this issue.

Voters do approve 43 – 37 percent of Corbett’s lawsuit challenging the NCAA sanctions against Penn State. Men approve 51 – 35 percent while women are divided with 37 percent approving and 39 percent disapproving.

Who is popular in Pennsylvania? Uh…the late, scandal-tarred Joe Paterno:

By a 43 – 29 percent margin, Pennsylvania voters have a favorable opinion of the late Joe Paterno, with a 47 – 28 percent favorability among men and a 40 – 30 percent favorability among women. Paterno’s favorability is 54 – 27 percent among voters in Penn State households.

We. Are. Penn State. (And We Don’t Care What The Freeh Report Said.)