Bradley Cooper Got a Perm

There are no pics of this that we’re aware of, but: Bradley Cooper, former Sexiest Man Alive and current Oscar nominee, is apparently ready to go the place all prettyboy actors must go if they want lasting prestige: Uglytown. That’s the only explanation to be found for, well, this:

“I permed my hair today,” the Silver Linings Playbook Oscar nominee told me at the BAFTA Tea reception. “We did a camera test today and we were playing with the idea of him having curly hair.”

The test was for his second movie with director David O. Russell, a real-life drama costarring Christian Bale and Jeremy Renner about Abscam, the FBI’s 1970s operation that led to the conviction of U.S. congressmen.

Sounds like this was no mild perm. “Like rollers!” Cooper laughed. “Oh, yeah bro, like rollers in the hair!”

He politely declined to show me pics of his curly coif stored on his iPhone.

One guess: A permanent perm would probably ensure that Cooper’s mom is the only person who actually wants to be his date to the Oscars. [E!]